Thursday 25 June 2015

What To Wear To Feel Better | Video Post

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll be aware that I haven't been feeling my best recently and that I'm also not the biggest fan of wearing joggers and a vest top simply because I'm not well, I like to always be wearing something that is comfortable but that I'm confident looks relatively put together. I also like to wear lipstick everyday as my mum told me of a 96 (or so) year old woman, who apparently looked much younger and very beautiful, said that wearing lipstick and getting out of the house everyday is what got her through everything and I honestly think that's something to live by!

I thought a video would be the best way to do this post and I really hope you appreciate it, It's not the most amazing thing you'll ever see but it did take time and I'm quite proud. I've not had loads to work towards since finishing my first year at uni but knowing I had to film and edit and having a deadline gave me something to focus on and work towards which I really enjoyed.

Outfit 1:
Outfit 1 is a Weekend Doris Dress I made myself from stunning vintage 1930s fabric and I adore. You can read up on the Doris Dress over on and purchase the pattern here, as well as attend a class at Ministry of Craft in Manchester to make one yourself! (more info here)

Outfit 2:
This outfit isn't something I ever saw myself wearing. I own plenty of cosy, slouchy jumpers that I tend to wear a lot in winter so a thinner one at the moment is perfect. Shorts are my problem. I just don't thin shorts look right on me. I'm very particular about trousers anyway and since I have such a high waist I like any skirts, trousers or shorts to sit there as it is sooo much more flattering but I think this can be difficult to find in shorts... until these flippy cotton asos shorts I adore so much! They're from the Tall range and I love them, I love the length and where they sit and I want a million more pairs!

Outfit 3:
Joni Jeans are a controversial item in my opinion and I'm honestly never really sure about them but they most certainly are comfy and can look great paired with the right things. I've learnt the hard way that you shouldn't wear a dress to the doctors if possible so these were my solution and since it was a super warm day, a blouse was the perfect pairing.

Outfit 4:
Dungarees are my favourite and I think it is soooo difficult to find the perfect pair for you. This denim number is definitely more of a playsuit but I wear this far more often than I should, it goes with everything! You can wear any top underneath, bardot or shirt, with boots or sandals and you will look flawless and because it is intentionally oversized it is conveniently comfortable!

I'm sure you'll notice that everything I wore was relatively loose fitting which is what I especially love to lounge in but I still like to look like I'm ready to the on the world. Please let me know what you like to wear when you're not quite feeling yourself, I find it really interesting what everyone finds most comfortable.

IW x


  1. Awesome idea for a post, can always do with clothes that make you feel good :)

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