Friday 3 April 2015

I made a dress in just a day! - Woven Weekend Doris

Well Today I discovered that outfit pictures look best when there's a tv remote and endless toys and books in the background (sarcasm implied) but on Monday I found out that I am a lot better at sewing than I give myself credit for. I made myself a Weekend Doris Dress with help from my Mother as she so kindly allowed me to use some beautiful vintage 1930s woven fabric which she understandably didn't want me to make a mess of.

I really enjoyed making it though and I wore it that on Monday evening to a concert at gorilla in Manchester. The Weekend Doris is such a great shape to be dressed up and I adore dressing up. My outfit certainly had a very indie feel to it with my Dr Martens and Topshop fedora from a few years ago, I had my hair French plaited and a very messy fringe with a retro inspired, red-lip make up look  which I think went perfectly with the 30s print.

I wore my (faux) fur coat out as it was rainy and miserable out- what else can you expect from spring in Manchester- though I think it looks just as cute with my customised denim jacket and I'm so excited to style it in a million different ways.

IW x



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