Friday 27 March 2015


It's officially Spring which is undeniably my favourite time of year. As much as I adore slouching around in cosy jumpers with a cup of tea, I'm so excited for there to be colour in the world again. Winter is fun but apart from Christmas, rather dull and quite literally lifeless. I'm excited to see baby animals and blossom.

I'm also really loving not having to wear 600 layers to stay warm outside, and going on walks and seeing daffodils everywhere. Dusk is a great time of day because at this time of the year dusk is around most people's tea time so there's not too many people about but there's still just enough light.

I dyed my hair brown a few weeks ago. It's definitely still ginger. Though after seeing the above photos I do think there are a lot more tones and shades within my hair and I quite like it this way. I also love wearing my Weekend Doris Sweaters and definitely want to have a go at making myself least one over Easter while I'm at home with my sewing machine! If you'd like to learn more about the Weekend Doris have a look at

IW x

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