Friday 15 August 2014

A Stormy Day and A Scottish Dress

Purple is not a colour I wear often at all or would even consider to look at in a shop but I adore this vintage dress my family brought back for me from a charity shop on their holiday in scotland and I had to take pictures the first time I wore it because I just think it's so pretty which is unfortunately why the photos have been taken in my kitchen because I definitely wasn't dressed appropriately for the stormy weather on monday...

dress- vintage/ shoes- topshop/ socks- primark/ belt- primark

I think the reason I like this dress so much despite they fact it's purple which normally wouldn't suit me at all is the fact that there is quite a lot of green on it too which I do wear quite a lot anyway although maybe that's just because it matches that massive bruise on my leg..

hair bow- forever21

 I love wearing my hair half up which definitely becomes apparent when scrolling through my blog and hair bows are definitely my favourite at the moment! I never used to pay much attention to forever 21, I often just find shopping overwhelming and get bored and stick to shops I know well but I went in with a friend in Birmingham and just sat down near the shoes and accessories facing a stand of hair bows all for £2 or less and my fate was inevitable. Although I did restrict myself and only get two, it is definitely very tempting to go back for more!

The past few weeks have been quite stressful and busy but great all the same so I'm sorry this post is a bit random and all over the place but there's a lot I want to say and no way in linking it all together and I'm lazy for not trying but hey.

I hope those who were getting AS and A level results yesterday were happy with their results and if not, It's just a few letters on a piece of paper, they don't dictate your life. I am very happy with my results, and I am off to Uni which is exciting.



  1. Oh my, your hair is PERFECTION!
    Adorable look!

    Becky x

  2. You look lovely. Your hair is SO SO adorable. Love the bow and your hair colour is stunning x

  3. You have beautiful hair!


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