Saturday 30 August 2014

A Change

A lot is changing at the moment and I really want to make the most of every opportunity. When I started my blog I was unaware of the velvetgh0st youtube channel and back then it was totally fine and ok but recently I've decided I just really want to make sure people understand that I am me and 100% individual all of the time because I have a had a few e-mails from clearly quite dismissive people who have gone through my blog to find my e-mail address yet still think they're contacting Gabriella who owns the velvetgh0st and

Within the next week this blog will have changed URL's from to, this isn't just because of the above reasons but more so because I feel like you can outgrow a username but I'm never going to outgrow myself or my own name, so I think that 'Oh So India Charlotte' will some me up so much better. There were a few other options but they just never seemed quite right.

Last weekend I had my friend Molly stay over, which was great and so fun. Her being from Yorkshire, I showed her round my home town and took her to all the cool little places only a resident or regular visitor would know which was actually so fun, though I have learned that a bank holiday weekend is not the best time to go on a quest for tea and vegan cakes in the Northern Quarter...

The photos in this post are just from when we went shopping in stockport which is not particularly exciting but it was fun to show molly round and she mananged to get a (torn, but) really cool coat for £10 from Peggy Mae Vintage on underbank which was exciting and spent longer than expected oggling at CDs and Records and really cool orange cars on underbank.

Skirt- vintage 70s/ Boots- docs/ Bag-primark/ Jacket- New Look/ top-H&M/ Necklace-H&M

It's quite difficult to dress for the weather at the moment, I love Autumn so much but we're not quite there yet and the fact all my tights have wholes in means, despite the grazes and bruises from just being a clumsy human, It's still bare legs at the moment but It is definitely not warm enough to not wear a Jacket. Parts of the day I was pretty cold just because it was windy (hence me holding the flowers still in the photo below..) but I'm actually very glad Summer is coming to an end because I'm excited for Jumpers and long sleeves and wooly tights, my outfits will hardly change they'll just become a lot warmer.

Life lesson: Don't take stupid pictures of, or with, your friends in public unless you're ok with being stared at by everyone..



  1. Looks like you had a lovely trip and your outfit is lovely :)
    Jo xx

  2. love your outfit! you have a new follower, i’m following you via bloglovin… Hope you can do the same :)
    New Post… Visit Curly Glow


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