Wednesday 23 July 2014


Yesterday was the 22nd July which means that my baby sister Florence Violet should have been 5, I'm sure this is something that people might find awkward or upsetting to read or hear about so I'm not going to explain anything, more so just state that it is sad but my family and I celebrate her birthday every year, on the day and yesterday was actually really fun and lovely.

I'd wanted a jumpsuit for a while and knew I wanted this one the second I saw it a while ago, but I was sensible and waited until I had the money to get it since it wasn't exactly necessity. I went into H&M a couple of days ago and there was only one left, in my size (though I would have liked it a bit bigger) and I had enough money for it to be relatively sensible and I love it! Navy is one of my favourite colours to wear in summer and I rock a lot of polka dots (10 points if you know the reference!) and this is just the most comfortable and simple piece and I can think of a million and one ways to wear this, I honestly think it is so versatile! 
It was definitely perfect for the weather yesterday as I'm super pale so I have to cover up in the sun to prevent becoming a walking tomato but I wasn't too hot wearing this as it's not clingy at all and just quite floaty. 

These pictures were taken in the woods at Haigh Hall where my family and I had a walk and a picnic in the sun and it was lovely, I really think the woods there are very beautiful and one of my favourite places to wander round, whether it's sunny or stormy.

Me and My Sister Eden, I'm not sure what we're doing...

Jumpsuit-H&M /Shoes-Newlook /Hat-H&M /Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters /Bag-Gift

The bag in the above photo is one I have loved and kept forever, It was given to me when I was 3 and I used it a lot more when I was very little than I do now, but I still adore it despite it being very tiny, It carried everything I needed it to and I just think it's very cute.

Rings-  Mix of Camden market & TopShop / Watch - Casio

Lately I've been having trouble deciding what to have for breakfast, I'm not particularly keen on cereals or toast and unfortunately grapes alone probably aren't the best thing to eat before spending your day prancing around in the sun...

Necklaces - Gifts

Overall it was a really lovely day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite likely insect bites and nettle stings.


  1. Your amazingly pretty!
    Lovely Photo's, and I love you blog!
    Great post :)x
    Just Above the Knees

  2. Sorry to hear about the occasion of this picnic, but I'm really glad you all had a nice time together!! I love your rings! You look absolutely lovely!! :)

  3. I love that jumpsuit - such a pretty vintage style outfit!

    Really sorry to hear about your little sister - no one should be taken so young but I think it's really lovely that you all try and be positive and celebrate her birthday, and also very brave of you to share it with us.

    Have a lovely weekend x

    Gabby xo

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  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Check details here :)



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