Saturday 18 January 2014

Messy Hair and Thirsty Hearts

I'm always experimenting with my hair and trying to find different ways to wear it especially now it's a lot shorter and it's almost a whole new style to work with. Honestly this wasn't experimentation, it was more like waking up, getting bored of trying to drag a brush through it and putting in a couple of hairclips so it looked more deliberate and less bed head.

I actually really liked wearing my hair like this though oddly it was quite hard to maintain throughout the day, and I found myself constantly scrunching it up more and messing with it even when just walking down the street.

The hairclips i actually found whilst tidying my room and reminded me slightly of Suki Waterhouse who I've seen wearing clips like this and I just thought it was adorable and at the moment I tend to grab these over the likes of bobby pins, I think they add a retro twist to an otherwise very plain outfit which I love!

What's your favourite way to wear your hair when you're in a rush?



  1. I really like this hairstyle, it really suits you!
    Jo xx

  2. Awesome pics!! Super cool outfit
    your blog it's really awesome

  3. I love your hair like this India! Your little moon necklace is so sweet as well :) x

  4. I love your blog and thought I would nominate you for the Liebster award :) don't know if you've noticed it going around. Go and check it out!

  5. Love you hair!!! Great photos:)

    Niki xx

  6. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's great - love your hair!

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post! :)


  7. I think i quite love your hair like this though. Girls with a bit messy hair looks way more natural <3 xx

    1. Haha thank you Gail! I like it simply for the fact I don't even have to brush it! x

  8. You're hair is sooooo lovely, I envy it a lot. You have the cutest style and I really like it, I shall definitely be taking inspiration from you as you look so lovely!
    lucy x

  9. Ah your hair looks perfect here!
    Lucia's Loves

  10. fab post!xx


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