Saturday 14 December 2013

far too busy

Hello! I'm just posting this to say sorry for not having done much recently but I have been ridiculously busy lately (as the photo above clearly proves...) with college and applying to uni and preparing for uni interviews and sorting everything out for christmas and work experience just so much more I can't even remember right now!

Lately I'm finding quite a few things rather irritating which I think is just because I don't have time for people to annoy me at the moment. I don't know if other people get like this at all but when I have such a long list of on going things to do I have to prioritise and unfortunately if all you're going to do is ask me stupid questions or to do something facebook related I am going to get annoyed because I just don't have the time, I'm pretty sure that makes sense? And facebook is definitely never going to be my top priority anyway!

I'm going to try and get lot's of posts up over the next few weeks and since the photo above is a photobooth thing from rough trade in shoreditch I will definitely be doing a post about my day trip to london soon!

Look forward to some christmassy posts too!


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  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award for your blog because it is so amazing, head on over to my blog to check out the rules, thanks xx


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