Tuesday 17 September 2013

poorly oops // ootd

coat - very 
scarf - primark
tights - primark
boots - doc martens
jersey dress - asda

Today I got up and ready for college and actually put effort into my outfit and my hair (which started out as space buns but ended up just being a top knot) before suddenly feeling really ill just before i had to leave for the bus which i guess is better than only realising at college.

Anyway i refuse to let my outfit go to waste which is why i've done this post! It isn't the best outfit ever but i like it, it was just easy!

I don't know why but over he summer i wasn't ill very much at all and now we're back at college and everything is busy i seem to be a lot more susceptible to being ill, i think it's just because when i'm busy with something i decide to be busy with everything and end up being completely exhausted then not sleeping enough, its definitely something i need to work on and i really think i need to get myself a planner of a sort because when i have this much going on it's probably best to plan out every hour of the day and then i'll be less stressed and hopefully poorly a lot less!



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