Tuesday 24 September 2013

back to school // procrastination

Even if you're not familiar with the word,if you're reading this you're probably familiar with procrastination. Procrastination is technically what i'm doing right now by writing this post but my excuse is if i admit it to the rest of the world via my blog then i have to address it, at least i think that's what i'm doing.

This is my second post on 'back to school' and i realise we've been back at school for what already feels like forever but this is an on going thing for me because i think i can be quite slow at getting back into the swing of things and at changing things about the way i work and essentially, live and procrastination is something i need to stop.

I think the biggest problem i have is that i deny that i'm even procrastinating by doing something seemingly productive or even something very productive but not necessarily something that i actually need to get done, i need to learn to take on and complete the tasks that need doing soonest first and to leave everything else until afterwards which i find far to difficult.

And sometimes i manage to convince myself that doing absolutely nothing is best, i could honestly just lie down or sit down doing absolutely nothing for hours and not even care, which is lazy but i manage to convince myself that its more important than tidying my room or college work and typing that out i've realised how stupid that really is but i can't be the only one!

I think i need to stop procrastination all together and i think i can if i actually try, it's not difficult to get something done and i need to just get on with it! 

I'm also going to do a little 'part two' to this post about self motivation and just general positivity because although i'm not very productive i am ridiculously positive and motivated even though i don't always need to be, so if you'd like to see that post please do let me know because i'm likely to get it done quicker if people actually want to see it!

Also a few more fashion and outfit posts are to be expected over the next couple of weeks because i seem to be slacking at the moment!

all pictures from we heart it



  1. Good luck with mission stop procrastination! x


  2. Haha - good luck with this. I'm till trying to learn my way out of it!


  3. I certainly getting a charge out of each and every piece of it and I have you bookmarked to take a gander at new stuff you post
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