Saturday 1 June 2013

travelling, magazines and mascara [+benefit they're real mini review]

Ok so as you might know i got back from a 5 day camping trip to cornwall yesterday, The journey home took a ridiculous 11 hours, leaving cornwall at around 9am and getting home just after 8pm so naturally i bought magazines at service stations because sitting in a car with a dead phone and nothing to do can be quite dull! 
I'd spent the whole week looking for this edition of vogue with the free miss vogue for two reasons, One being that apart from the ridiculous amount of adverts i love vogue and two being queen delevingne . I think Cara is great and unlike a lot of models has a great personality and i just think she's great. Need i say more?

 I also managed to pick up this edition of ELLE magazine for £4 and i'd be lying if i said i bought it for the magazine... 

With this edition you get a free mini Benefit They're Real mascara worth £9.50 and since i had lost my mascara somewhere between packing and visiting cornwall i thought i should give it a go and wow this mascara is amazing.

 The picture doesn't really show you how amazing this mascara is unfortunately but i was honestly astounded when i put it on and i am definitely prepared to spend £20 on a regular sized bottle when this runs out which is a big deal for me since i usually aim to spend at most £5 on mascara.

When you first put it on you can immediately see a difference and it does feel slightly heavy on the eyelashes to start off with but it is incredible. The brush is perfect (sorry i forgot to photograph!) and is good for getting the smaller lashes in the corners of your eye as it has smaller bristles on the end.

I honestly can't fault this mascara it is amazing and if you'd like to try it yourself i definitely recommend searching your local newsagents for this edition of ELLE because £4 is an absolute bargain! I'm tempted to go and buy more...



  1. Benefit is such an amazing brand, but it's so expensive! I haven't bought Elle yet but I bought Miss Vogue as soon as it came out, it's gorgeous!!

    Imogen <3

    1. Yes i completely agree with you there imogen! Miss Vogue is great! x

  2. That mascara looks amazing! Seriously going to think about buying x

  3. I brought the mag just for the mascara, and I'm in love. Your skin is flawless! I'm jealous!
    Ellie xx


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