Monday 15 April 2013

a (pre) birthday lunch and a primary school dress

Dress (and hair tie) - laredoute
Bag - primark
Jacket - newlook
Socks - primark
Shoes - gift
Belt - matalan

Tomorrow I will be 17 which is very weird if i'm honest. I think i'm supposed to say i don't feel old enough to be 17 yet but i do. I think 17 is the right age for me but i don't want to stop being 16 just yet. I have no real reason for this other than the fact that 16 is my favourite number and i've just had an amazing year.

Since last week it was my mums birthday, me and my family went out to bistro 1847 in manchester which is an amazing vegetarian bistro which does lovely vegan food too for a joint birthday meal and this is what i wore and i honestly had a lovely time.

I think i'm a little weird about birthdays, I don't really ask for anything and i don't expect anything, It's just an ordinary day that can be made especially nice by having a cake... I also kind of want it to rain and am looking forward to having my textiles exam... I think most people dread having exams on their birthday!

I really like this outfit as i was a massive fan of my summer dresses in primary school and my primary school uniform was red (the best colour obviously) and i just love this dress! The weather was just warm enough to wear it too which made me very happy!

I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as me! 



  1. gorgeous outfit, you dress so perfect! Happy birthday for tomorrow!xx

    vintageteapot/ fashion, beauty & life

  2. i used to love my summer dress! this is such a cute look :-) hope you have a lovely birthday!

    holly x x

  3. I hope you have a lovely birthday India! I love this look, so cute and vintagey :) x

  4. Love that jacket!

    Becky xoxo

  5. You look absolutely adorable!
    I hope you have a great rainy day with cake. ;) And good luck with that exam! :)


    1. Aw Thank you Becky! It did rain a little this morning and my cake was great so you could say it was a perfect birthday hehe! xx

  6. This is such a fun outfit, happy birthday for tomorrow! x

  7. Happy advance birthday! You'll get used to being 17 pretty quickly don't worry :)
    Aoife xx

  8. Happy birthday!!!
    Hope you have an amazing day India <3

    Cutest outfit, I loved my dress at primary school. Mine was red too ;)

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    1. Thank you so much! Red is the best colour ;) xx

  9. Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños! xx

  10. That is such a pretty dress! I absolutely love it! :) And also, Happy Birthday to you and your mum =) xx

  11. You have amazing style (:


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