Sunday 24 March 2013

curly hair and jumper

Today I have been sporting curly hair and my new KISS jumper which I love. I'm not exactly a fan of KISS's music but I just find them really funny and this jumper was on sale for £5 in H&M so I kind of had to buy it. I don't know if it's supposed to be an off the shoulder jumper but I bought a size 16 so that it would be over sized and I guess that's why I can where it like this!

Because I've been ill the past few days I've kind of lost track of time but on Friday evening I curled my hair and it has lasted until today, which I'm honestly not shocked by because my hair holds a curl quite well! I really liked how it looked more natural and less tame today, it just looks more casual than it would on the first day of being curled!

This jumper will also be featured in a haul post I'm hopefully uploading tomorrow but I didn't realise how much stuff I had bought in the past month and haven't finished photographing it yet... oops?

Anyway, I hope you've had a lovely weekend!



  1. I love a good oversized jumper!+ your hair looks lovely :) x

  2. love your style, im new to blogging and would love if you check out my blog

  3. Your hair is so lovely!
    Such a nice blog too, glad I found it- will like now x

    Just thought I'd let you know I'm having a MAC lipstick giveaway which ends tomorrow. You can enter the giveaway by clicking here It would mean alot if you could enter! Good Luck :) xxx

  4. really cuute *w*


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