Friday 22 March 2013

an apple a day... // 25 facts

Good Afternoon fellow Bloggers! I never know how to start off a post which is text based so I guess that will do! I have spent my week in college, at the doctors, at a UCAS day thing where I collected too many university prospectuses and told someone I couldn't write (I can) and ill off college so it hasn't been very interesting if I'm honest and I haven't been able to do an outfit post or anything like that so I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself!

I've seen alot of posts like this floating around as well as youtube videos but I thought Instead of doing 50 facts like most I'd just do 25 and then I can do another 25 at another point (two posts for the price of one?) so here I go...

  1. My Name Is India Charlotte Wood
  2. I am 16
  3. I study Psychology, English Language, Sociology and Art and Design Textiles at college
  4. Spring is my favourite season (when it's not snowing...)
  5. I will be 17 is less than a month
  6. I've died my hair probably 7 or 8 times but I only currently have it dip dyed and last summer it was dip dyed pink
  7. I love tattoos and piercings but I only have my ear lobes pierced
  8. I love vintage Dresses and things and I don't like to dress like anyone else
  9. Jay of The Wanted described my style as retro
  10. I really like The Wanted...
  11. I've made alot of friends through the internet which I don't find weird but I think college friends do...
  12. I make and sell my own vintage inspired fashion accessories, mainly headscarf's,
  13. I get told pretty much on a daily basis that I look like Taylor swift... I don't think I do at all.
  14. I love concerts.
  15. I love reading but I have to read a whole book at once, I hate putting a book down.
  16. This is my favourite number...
  17. I'm really good at keeping important secrets but I decide the importance of them
  18. I'm not shy at all, I'm really loud, quite confident and can be very blunt but alot of people think I am shy but in reality I just don't really want to talk to them
  19. I'm not very good at dancing, acting or (especially) singing yet I attend workshops where we do all of those things
  20. I write notes on my phone of relevant quotes and thoughts pretty much all the time
  21. The reason behind my URL is that I absolutely love velvet and I am as pale as a ghost.
  22. I became vegan when I was 10 and was vegetarian for my whole life before that
  23. I have lost, broken and had replaced and uncountable number of phones yet I still have a working Nokia brick somewhere
  24. I love fashion an unbelievable amount and people assume that's the type of career path I'd like to take and as much as it is... I want to be a primary school teacher and an educational psychologist (yes, both.)
  25. I love photography and i have a bridge camera and an SLR and really want to learn how to use them properly.
Ok so that is my 25 facts, if anyone else has done or is going to do a post similar to this one please send me a link because I really enjoy reading them!



  1. I have always thought you look like Taylor swift! + I have done this tag here :

  2. I really enjoyed reading that :)


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