Sunday 6 October 2019


So, as you are probably aware, it’s October, and if you weren’t, well it’s October, welcome to the concept of time and dates. As you may have known I did "No Spend September" and I figured I should update you on how it went. 

Overall it went really well. I was on holiday in Amsterdam for the last week of September so that kind of changed my perspective. I had to spend money on food and travel and museums and souvenirs but it was inevitable and it was money I had saved specifically for the occasion. So I won’t discuss that too much more because it’s not really the point. 

The aim of not spending was to buy less food out, no new clothes, no unnecessary things and I honestly think I did that. I avoided buying meal deals at work and the only times I went out for food or whatever were when it was required for socialising.

I noticed a huge difference in how much of my paycheck would go unspent which felt really good, as well as not really missing out on much. There were plenty of times I wanted to get a coffee out or buy something nice from work or whatever but I managed not to, and I was completely fine.

Towards the end of the month, I attended a Jeneral Store clothes swap which I loved. It was such a fun way to satisfy my longing to buy new clothes, without actually spending money or supporting a completely unethical industry. Clothes swaps mean you get nice new things to wear, refreshing your wardrobe, whilst giving away things you don't really wear anymore. It was also fun because everything there was totally individual, meaning that finding something you love in your size is so much more special than it would be in any high street store.

I'm hoping to maintain a lot of the 'not spending' I was doing and the good habits (clothes swaps, packed lunches etc) that came along with it, to make my regular life a little less expensive. I'm not going to lie though, since I got home from Amsterdam I have been a little spendy... but I genuinely think that each purchase has been carefully considered. I'm thinking maybe if I repeat my no spend month in November and then every other month afterwards I might really start to see a change in my subconscious spending habits and my attitude towards money.

If you have any thoughts on the whole not spending thing please let me know. I really enjoyed being more conscious about my decisions but I did find it tricky and have a long way to go in terms of the way I regularly spend my money.


*Photo by Jade Tideswell

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