Wednesday 4 September 2019


21st century dating means that breakups happen over text, and guess what?! THAT'S FINE.

I'm unlikely to ever go through a breakup again (thankfully- love u Finn xxx) but I'm a big sister and a friend... so just because I won't go through them myself doesn't mean I won't ever be aware of the drama of them. 

I broke up with my first boyfriend over text because I had to. The only way I felt I could get my point across was in writing, there's no nice way of breaking up with someone- there never has been and never will be- and I truly believe that each breakup is different and circumstantial. 

I think as young people we get so much shit for making the most of technology, despite the fact it would be ridiculous not to. We use social media to have our voices heard as well as to give and receive compliments and it's lovely, perhaps publicly breaking up with someone on a social platform would be insensitive (it deffo would be) but surely that would be the same for any social setting; like a coffee shop. People are inherently nosey and sniff out drama wherever they can.. so if anything, breaking up with someone over text is pretty considerate?

I'm not sure why I'm writing this post or why I felt the need to justify this opinion. I think I just wanted a reassuring voice out there, that if someone needed it, they'd have? If you feel the need to break up with someone (lover, friend or foe) I am here to reassure you that you can do it over text and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nor is it anyone else's business.


*All photos in this post by Jade Tideswell.

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