Tuesday 2 April 2019



The 60s called to tell me that they're peachy keen on my look, thanks to this Traffic People mini, and that as soon as the time machine is ready,  I'm welcome anytime as long as I look this cute. Seriously though, how cute is this outfit?! I kind of wish I was doing a Theresa May and prancing through a meadow because I'd look way cooler than she ever could.

Traffic People were kind enough to gift me this dress and it's safe to say I'm obsessed.... the quality is beautiful and the print is something I know I'll never tire of. Paired with this pearl beaded collar from asos it's the most gorgeous little party look. Now, someone invite me to a party asap.

In other non-dress-related news, I got a new tattoo which I'm well pleased with. I'm not showing you though, not intentionally and not anytime soon because I  just don't want to, especially while it's healing, no one needs to see the grossness of a fresh tattoo if they don't know what to expect.


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