Wednesday 27 September 2017

'India Charlotte' Who?

I've not been being bloggy enough and I don't like apologising for it but here I go again. I always seem to forget that no matter what, whenever I move back to Nottingham at the start of an academic year I get ill. I don't know what it is or why but I get some sort of cold/flu type thing and can't leave my bed without feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Problem is when I'm ill I get super bored. And when I'm back here there's a million people and places I haven't seen in a while and want to as well as a million and one things to do.
Due to illness, I haven't exactly taken any outfit photos because I look gross, I just don't think I need to advertise me being under the weather. Regardless of all this I'm over the moon to be back in Notts, starting my final year, and sort of growing into adulthood - yeah I said it, I'm excited to be a proper adult - which means I'm not getting better as quickly as I might if I just lay in bed and slept a bit more. I ran out of TV to binge watch though so I don't know how to talk myself into that, to be honest.

Despite not actually posting in a while I have been thinking a lot about my blog and how things will go with it this year at uni. I think I'll still mostly be able to do two posts a week but it isn't going to be a priority. I've also been trying to figure out a few things I can do without having to rope in another person to be behind the camera, I'm tempted to do outfit of the week videos or something just filmed in my bedroom or whatever because I won't need help for that and possibly investing in a tripod and remote so I can do most things on my own. I do have plenty of friends who are more than happy to help me out but it's having the time as well as having the time constraints of natural light this time of year. There's not enough sun and I'll just have to work around that myself.

I love the start of a new 'school' year. I love autumn and warm late afternoon sunsets, I love the smell of new clothes (gutted I don't get new uniform anymore) and crisp evenings wrapped up in blankets and scarves with more coffee than usual. Jumpers and tights and long sleeves and boots. For someone who adores this time of year so much but also suffers from S.A.D, I often feel a bit conflicted. So far I'm doing okay and that's what I'm going to focus on but it is strange for your favourite time of year to be when your depression worsens. I don't think I'll ever fully understand that. 

So, as per, I'm a walking contradiction. I love this time of year but there seems to be a lot to argue that I shouldn't.


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