Wednesday 23 August 2017



White is a dangerous colour for me to wear. I got avocado on this skirt pretty early on in the day... I wasn't aware avocado could stain actually. Regardless I really like this skirt and am going to do my best to keep it as white as I can for as long as possible - wish me luck! I was going for a sort of timeless chic look with this outfit and I love how easy and comfy it was despite looking rather put together. I think essentially you can't go wrong with an a-line skirt (especially one with pockets!!!) and a striped t-shirt, it will just forever look great and never go out of style.

I adore the blue stripes of this t-shirt, it's unfortunately borrowed from my sister and therefore not mine and I can't steal it but it has inspired me to find some alternative coloured stripes to wear as opposed to my usual black or red and white. 

These gorgeous photos were taken by the amazingly talented Lydia Maycock in Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens which are so beautiful. As far as I'm aware I hadn't seen them before, possibly in early childhood but I'm doubtful. We had a lovely time exploring and seeking out flowers. The best thing about shooting with Lydia is how excited she is by her photos, you always feel reassured when you're photographer is excited too. 

I haven't decided if I'm looking forward to Autumn yet or not. That's a lie. I definitely am. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons, in between rain and sun is my favourite weather, and orange leaves and blue skies make me happy. I also love that 'back-to-school' feeling I get every autumn and I've been ready for going back to uni since coming home for summer. I'm thinking, with a jacket perhaps, this outfit will be entirely Autumn appropriate. 



  1. In love with these pictures as well as the outfit, the location is so beautiful!!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. This outfit is adorable!! I don't think I could pull off that skirt mainly because white is not my colour, I'm way too messy (I knew avocado left marks, I also learnt the hard way) and also the length just wouldn't suit me but oh damn you look so cute!!x

  3. These photos are beautiful! Nothing beats a skirt with pockets! :) x


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