Wednesday 30 August 2017


SHIRT - YSL via charity shop

I desperately need new jeans as I'm sure these are getting boring to everyone else as well as myself. I do adore them but I think I probably could just do with a bit more variety for jeans days. However, I think they look super cool with my giant men's Yves Saint Laurent shirt I nabbed for about 3 quid in one of my local charity shops. Initially I had planned on doing something with it, turning it into some sort of dress or play suit but that was too much effort and I decided I like it enough as just a shirt.

It is the nicest shirt I have ever worn, I have no idea what it would cost new but it is probably worth it for how nice it is. I hate the word nice but I'm afraid it is perfectly suited to this shirt.

You may have noticed I've been wearing a lot of slip on shoes and slingbacks recently which is odd for someone rarely seen in anything other than her docs or converse but I like not having to tie any laces or wear any socks.



  1. OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK! I love how you've made something so casual look so chic with these cute shoes, definitely need to take inspiration from that as like you, I'm always in docs or trainers!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Ohhh Lucy you're so kind! Highly recommend having a browse in primark for dainty inexpensive shoes! x


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