Wednesday 12 July 2017


Buy or find now and keep (or buy again and again and again) forever, here are a few of my Summer survival essentials. I don't deal with heat well so Summer is not my favourite however I completely adore Summer style and these are the things I live for every year when I'm way too warm.

Sunnies - I like to have an array of sunglasses and seem to end up with a new pair every year without fail. This years faves are my 90s brown frames from asos. I adore everything about them but especially the shape, despite being my smallest frames they're still quite large and just so cool.

Blue denim - It's no secret that I love denim more than I love most actual people... from denim skirts and dresses to straight leg jeans and dungarees there is no avoiding blue denim in my summer wardrobe. There is nothing more versatile and I believe completely necessary in anyone's wardrobe.

Mini bags - I love mini bags, I love trying to squish as much as I possibly can into them and surprising people by how much I can carry in such a tiny thing. As well as being adorable they also prevent me from hauling about random shit I never need or use anyway.

BIG belts - On the warmest of days when I'm wearing something essentially shapeless and floaty a big belt gives a bit of shape and interest to an otherwise pretty dull outfit whilst still keeping you cool. (both senses of the word cool xxx)

Slip ons - My summer slip ons this year are from primark and I adore them, they've already been featured on the blog. A great alternative to sandals if you're not so ken on your toes being out they are fab and add so much to a day to day outfit. 

Hoops - Hoop earrings are my favourite and practically never leave my ears. Always gold plated sterling silver and often from asos

Factor 50 - It might not appear to be a style staple but it is for me, as deathly pale as I am, I would rather be pale and have healthy skin than be red as a lobster just for a bit of a tan afterwards and heightening my chances of skin cancer and prematurely aged skin. My go to place for suncream - as well as most beauty products - is superdrug, they don't test on animals at all and label products as vegan which I love. Their own brand self-tan is also fab if you want a golden glow without baking in the sun like me.


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