Sunday 18 June 2017



White bricks outside my window and long grey curtains that let in any and all light. Hearing the neighbours arguing or shouting about something in an unknown language in the mornings and ordering too many takeaways. Soon I have to move out of my current student house, which I completely adore and am incredibly sad about, there's so so much I'll miss. My favourite bedroom I've ever had is in this house, right by the kitchen, big with a high ceiling and my pictures on the wall. It's already starting to feel weird being here knowing it's all done and I'll probably never step foot in this house again once I leave for good. It is the only place I have lived so far at uni that I have been truly comfortable to call a home and to look forward to going back to. We got very lucky considering the horrors that can be student accommodation.

This is the kind of thing that I used to get too upset about, and don't get me wrong I'll be a bit sad, but I've made a decision to be a bit stronger. I take pride in my emotions, I just don't think I have enough time to focus so much energy on being sad about a house. 

Despite the heat my favourite outfits as of late all revolve around these jeans. Featured in my last post too, these are the Florence Jeans from asos and I adore them, I never knew I'd be so ridiculously fond of a straight leg, not quite high waist jean but apparently I am. I like this outfit a lot though I was too warm in the jacket, it needed it's first outing - to the garden - as did the tee.



  1. That jacket is so special.
    Its a sad thought moving out of the uni house! I love mine too will be sad to go!


    1. Thanks, I love it! It's bitter sweet I suppose!


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