Wednesday 7 June 2017

Let's talk... opinions & voting (and how i'd really like you to vote labour xx)


So this wasn't the best outfit for a rainy Sunday in Stockport. I'm actually not going to talk about my outfit at all I don't think because it's not what's in my head and I can't be bothered. I know that I am individual in the way I dress, I don't dress how I think I should whether that's weather appropriate (lol) or what other people think I should be wearing and I think that's reflected in everything I do and should be how everyone is. Let other people teach you and inform you but think for yourself, have reasons and listen to others. 

There is a general election tomorrow and if you're registered to vote you need to vote. I would honestly prefer you vote Labour or Green (if you can) but having your say is all that really matters, even if you draw a frog on your ballot paper it's better than not turning up. 

Though some may argue that politics in this country is ridiculous - which it definitely is - you can't complain about anything the government does if you don't have your say, this is our one and only opportunity to change the way we have to live with such immediate affect.

I'm voting Labour, for so many reasons, you can view their manifesto here, but I honestly think that Jeremy Corbyn would be the best PM we'd have had in a long time and that the labour party as a whole actually really care about this country. Also I'm pretty sure Theresa May is a lizard...

PLEASE VOTE!!! And if you can't, convince someone else to!


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