Sunday 21 May 2017



I never thought I'd own white jeans. Mostly because I'm the messiest person ever but also because I didn't like them... until I inevitably saw someone who I think is a million times cooler than me wearing an entirely white outfit and decided I wanted to be that cool.

I do adore them but I did spill coffee on them within the first 10 minutes of wearing them as well as getting lipstick, foundation and mud on them throughout the day? I honestly have no idea how but thankfully unless you inspected my legs with a magnifying glass you wouldn't have noticed. It was a rather warm day when the amazing Lydia shot this look for me so wearing all white was actually fab and I didn't really need my jacket at all. So in short I like these jeans though they definitely aren't practical to wear all the time.

As someone with a rather large wardrobe that seems to be ever-growing and never ending I definitely cherish items with memories or emotions that provoke thought a whole lot more than I do my most aesthetically beautiful or more expensive items. Part of this outfit does make me feel a bit emotionally uncomfortable and I don't want to shy away from admitting it. I'm not going to explicitly say why but it's an item of clothing I would never have even considered buying without being inspired by a very specific person and therefore sort of has happiness and sadness attached to it and I don't know why I'm telling you this. But if they ever by chance read this post, thank you, you will always mean a lot to me.

Sometimes I think I'm too much inside my own head and I don't really know what to do about it. After a trip back home to Manchester last week and a brief trip to London this week I'm feeling a lot smaller. Nottingham makes me feel safe and tall. Basically I never want to leave again. I'm very very nearly done with uni for this year though so I'm hoping that will give me the head space I so desperately need.


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