Monday 29 May 2017

And the bees still buzz...

*Image by Dick Vincent - Facebook page here, Instagram here

You know when your heart aches for so long and you begin to feel numb. And everything new adds to the numbness and it feels like nothing will ever be okay again. That's what this week has been. I don't need to describe what happened in Manchester at all and I'm not going to, and though I'm filled with great amounts of sadness due to it amongst other things I've also never ever been prouder or happier to be from Manchester. The reaction of vast love and care and community such a terrible terrible thing has caused is why I adore Manchester so much. Maybe everywhere is the same and I have been more ignorant until now but I am filled with incredible amounts of love for the city I will always call home. 

Below I have linked some things that made me happy this week, despite being numb. 

Please comment things that have made you happy recently, we could all do with a bit more happiness.



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