Sunday 19 February 2017

Jeans Again... do I need to be organised?

Top - Primark
 Jeans - Pretty Little Thing
 Socks - Primark
 Shoes - Converse x CDG
 scarf - vintage

So I came home for a few days, I had a concert and hadn't been back since christmas so was sort of due a visit. I'm not organised or good at packing so I didn't really bring the most exciting outfits with me, I thought jeans and my new zara trousers (which will be appearing on the blog soon...) and a few tops to choose from would be enough. It definitely is enough, but it wasn't well thought out and I've quickly become bored of my suitcase wardrobe which isn't really surprising at all. I also forgot to bring a belt. Belts are essential when you deliberately buy your jeans too big... hence the scarf I stole from my mums wardrobe to hold my jeans up, which I actually think looks really cool.

This brings me to the subject of organisation. I think people assume I'm relatively organised. This is not the case at all... I'm early or on time for most things (I would say all things but recently I've been late for several occassions and possibly made the impression that I just am always late - sorry if you're reading this J), I get things done by deadlines and I do everything I need to but my head is a bit of a mess. I do most things last minute and at times a little bit rushed which definitely isn't being organised. I don't however think this is a bad thing at all. Everything I do I still try my absolute best at and usually do relatively well, I don't get too stressed or worried about getting things done because I know I will.

I guess in this respect I'm quite easy going and I'm glad that I'm like this rather than being stressed and feeling the need to organise every aspect of my life. Perhaps my room could be a bit tidier and I could put my uni work away instead of spreading it across my desk.. in fact that's definitely something I should work on but the way it all is now in no way hinders my well being or makes my life more difficult. It just looks messy. 


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