Thursday 24 November 2016

Hello Thursday

Well hello there Thursday, I hardly ever see you (the blog) at this point in the week, possibly haven't ever but who knows. I'm poorly and I definitely haven't complained about it enough yet - please note this is very much sarcastic- so I thought I would complain about it here with a couple of poorly no make up selfies that I like my hair in...

I struggle a lot with being ill because I don't like it (obviously). I don't like moping about or doing nothing in order to allow myself to get better. Sometimes I hate my own company and therefore lying in bed watching repeats of series I've seen a million times on netflix is just exhausting. I've been trying my best to pretend I'm not ill but it hasn't been going well, I made it to one of my seminars this week and spent a couple of hours in the library but I just don't think it's worth prolonging illness. I did set at least 6 alarms to get me up for uni today but only woke up as my housemates were leaving, who, very thoughtfully, decided not to wake me up because they thought I was too ill for uni. They aren't wrong, I probably would have fallen asleep on the bus.

My sister suggested I turn up late in my PJs but I hope that is something I never do. Tomorrow I'm going home for a few days for my Dad's birthday and seeing as though my sister and mother both have working cameras outfit posts should resume as normal on sunday which is exciting. I don't know what is wrong with my camera, it is old and I think it has just given up which tbh I can relate to and I do not blame it.

If you need me over the next few days I will be hibernating and possibly posting on my instagram story. Such multitasking. 


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