Wednesday 30 November 2016

Brighter This Time

Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Cardigan - Primark (similar here)
Boots - Dr Martens

I'm looking at the above photo and realising I very much need to dye my hair quite soon. That's a good start and completely irrelevant... I've had this skirt for years and hardly wear it though I do adore it. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers along with Tulips and Hydrangeas (I think) and I wish more of my wardrobe (and life tbh) consisted of them. I like floral prints but I definitely prefer something like this over a ditsy or vintage floral, Sunflowers are just so much more dynamic and always look between living and dead and they have more character. I love them.

I've never paired this skirt with this cardigan before but I actually love the colours together and the clashing of prints. I adore leopard print which is no secret at all but 12 year old me would be incredibly ashamed of how I manage to pair it with everything.

It has become ever so cold over the past week, possibly because I've been up north after neglecting it for a long time. You can honestly tell a difference in temperature though, whenever I'm back home from Nottingham I feel the need to put on an extra coat at the very least which I think is proof.

I'm already starting to miss autumn and all the golden leaves because once they're gone I have to wait until spring to think the trees are pretty again. I used to like trees in winter but then I drew them about a million times for my textiles A-level and I now find them rather dull...



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