Wednesday 7 October 2015

Teenage Toddler

Scarf - Zara / Jumper - Primark / Dungarees - Monki / Boots - Dr Martens 

I think the definition of toddler must be something along the lines of  'small human thing often known to wear dungarees and fall asleep in peculiar places' which is essentially how my day went today... I wore my most favourite dungarees, did some stuff, sat on the stairs and fell asleep there? I didn't quite think this was possible since I'm not actually a toddler though the only difference today was the amount of coffee I drank.

Another similarity to Toddlers is my hair, having short hair means when I tie my hair up at all it is very similar to how I looked as a child.. If I had ever tied my hair up I guess. I love this outfit and overall super casual look so much, it's super comfortable and layering it with the scarf really adds a nice dimension to it, I'm just very happy with this outfit and the sheer fact that it's becoming cold enough for scarves!




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