Saturday 11 July 2015

Vegan What I Ate Today | 2

10.12am Breakfast

So since it got a little bit warmer all I've been having for breakfast is milkshakes and smoothies. This probably sounds like I'm super unhealthy but I think they're actually a rather good for me, My favourite and most common one is a chocolate, banana and oat shake with a splash of almond milk and about a cup of water. All I do is blend 2 frozen bananas, a handful of oats, cocoa powder, a splash of almond milk and a cup of water. At the time we didn't have any cocoa powder in the house so I just replaced it with hot chocolate powder, although as far as I' aware it is just cocoa and sugar so nothing too naughty.

2.00pm Lunch

For lunch  my Mum made a delicious salad which I had with 2 slices of my Dad's homemade wholemeal bread, houmous and some sriracha. I really love roasted almonds and I honestly think these are what made this lunch sooooo yummy, some salads can be pretty boring and samey but this was honestly one of the nicest I have had, I think solely because of the almonds.

4.30pm Snack

As a vegan I feel like I get hungrier than most people, I don't know much about nutrition but I do know that animal products and bi-products are more difficult to digest so I suppose that must be a reason; So, for a snack I decided to have the exact same milkshake I had for breakfast but instead adding 2 cups of water and it did the job of filling me up until dinner perfectly! 

7pm Dinner

For Dinner my Dad made risotto with chips made from our home grown potatoes. I feel like I should talk more about the risotto but the chips were honestly the best I had ever eaten, they actually tasted like potatoes and they were sooo fluffy and great. The risotto was of course lovely as well, it's something we eat a lot in our house but this time we had it with griddled mushrooms which was a great addition! Mushrooms aren't something we have all that often in my house since only me and my Mum like them so whenever they're actually part of a meal it's a treat!!

I also made a video of this What I ate Today, I just wanted to try something new so feel free to have a watch! And let me know if you like these posts because I really like making them.



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