Tuesday 9 June 2015


 Cardigan - vintage / Hat - Beyond Retro / Bag - Topshop

John and I had a bit of a day out on Sunday and I must admit I was dressing a little bit optimistic for warm weather and told I should probably substitute my Sandals and Cardigan for a warmer jacket and some boots but my optimism seemed to turn out quite well and there were actually pints in the day when it was too warm for my cardigan!

Dungarees - Monki / Shoes - asos / Blouse - urban outfitters 

We visited Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester which I think is one of my favourite galleries, I really like how everything is laid out there and just think it's lovely to walk through even regardless of the art within. I did however prefer its unusual little caf√© to it's newly-done-up waiter service restaurant which I haven't been in but restaurants just aren't something I'd want to visit in an art gallery.

Overall I had a lovely day traipsing around Manchester in the sun so much so that I had to change my stunning heeled sandals from asos to flats because I started to get blisters and that was not something I was ready to deal with! The flats are just some fold up leopard print shoes which my mum kindly let me borrow in the eventuality that I would end up uncomfortable in my sandals and I think I need to get myself some because it is incredibly handy having a pair of comfy shoes in your handbag.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sun! 

IW x



  1. I love love love art galleries & museums. There's so much out there to see. Your hat is totally adorable. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Aww you look lovely - that hat is so cute (I really need to get one).


    1. Thank you! you do, Hats are my favourite thing, they sort out bad hair days sooo well! x


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