Thursday 14 May 2015

out of the woods

Denim Jacket - Levi's / Shoes- Topshop / Bag - Topshop

Bangles - Missguided

Playsuit - Missguided / Cardigan - H&M

Lips - Topshop Infrared

I think I'm in love with a playsuit... (and spring, damn am I going to miss blossom) I've had playsuits before but they've been fitted and though adorable just not as comfortable as I'd like but this I just adore! It's a baby-doll style which I love because it's super comfy, I also sized up just to be sure it fit how intended. My boyfriend very kindly got it for which is not normally something I'd allow or accept but it was £8 and it is SO cute and I'm sure he'll be glad it made it to my blog.

This Saturday the weather was wonderfully cloudy but I needed to get outside desperately, I couldn't bear the thought of staying inside all weekend doing work and chores so I found a friend in Helena and removed her from her revision, (I'll take full blame is she fails her exams) and we went for a walk in her village and she took some great photos for me (above, obviously) and I went to her house and ate a pear and we bought skittles and it was just fabulous. I think I definitely did need this on the Saturday as it ended up meaning I spent all of Sunday (today as I'm writing this) preparing all my work and plans for the week as well as getting all my laundry done and actually got loads more than I normally would done and I'm rather proud of myself.

I hope you have had a lovely week/ weekend. Remember to give yourself a break from everything you need to get done, I think my weekend proves it really does help.

IW x



  1. This outfit is soo cute, I love the scenery and the dress!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Gorgeous dress. And those bangles are so cute; love the one with the green stone x

  3. You look so so pretty, love the dress and the lipstick looks incredible on you! Really suits you :)

    I have just followed you via Bloglovin and GFC, really happy I found your blog x

  4. such pretty photos, i love the denim jacket! x


  5. Such a cute outfit plus the fringe and red lipstick combo really suits you!


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