Monday 13 April 2015

Red Lip, Classic.

Pinafore- Primark/ Blouse- Hand-me-down/ Shoes- Clarks/ Bag- UO

Whilst I've been home for Easter I've asked members of my family almost everyday to take blog photos for me and there's absolutely no doubt of the fact they do not find it fun but they have become better at taking the photos which is brilliant for me!

I got given this blouse and I adore it, I love white blouses I think they just have so much potential in your wardrobe that they are practically essential, and I'm so happy that I now own a very beautiful one.

I wore these shoes in my last post, they are my mothers and I adore them, they're completely impractical and as much as I wish I could like Blair Waldorf, I definitely could not wear heels on a daily basis nor wandering round New York. I think I am far too comfortable in my Dr Martens.

IW x


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