Wednesday 4 March 2015

Weekend Doris

My mum is a seamstress and blogger as well as many other fabulous things and has just released her first womenswear pattern in dress and sweater form and I absolutely adore it! It is inspired by 'the casual styles of the late 1950's and 1960's, specifically the kind of casual outfits Doris Day would wear' and you can see the pinboard of photos that inspired it here.

I'm definitely not someone who is happy lazing about at weekends in sweat pants and vest tops, I'm completely comfortable in them but I feel a bit too slobbish to be productive or happy and I definitely get this from my Mother. The Weekend Doris was designed to be a comfortable weekend outfit that still looks and feels put together. Although I think I'd love it even if it weren't comfortable as the flattering 60's shape gives it the retro feel that I lust after in all clothes.

These are a couple of the tops my Mum made and gave to me whilst she was still altering and making the pattern.

'The dress is short, with optional pockets and decorative exposed zip. Three quarter length sleeves and neckband.
The sweater skims the hips and looks great with casual capri pants and ballet flats.'

As well as having the designer as my Mother and having been given a few sweaters and a dress from the whole process of this pattern design I do intend on attempting to make myself some dresses from the Weekend Doris pattern as I do completely adore it and I think there are so many prints it would look amazing with. It's definitely a timeless piece and I'm sure I'll get so much use from the pattern.

If you'd like to read up on more of the processes of making this pattern you can visit my Mum's blog here:
If you'd like to buy the pattern you can here:

All photos featured in this post belong to Jeanette Archer (My Mum!) and can be found here along with many others. 

IW x



  1. Sharring your moms creations is so sweet! love the dress pattern she made!! xx


  2. that's so cool, everything looks great!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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