Wednesday 11 February 2015

colder than perceived

At the moment my fringe is at a too long length to be a normal fringe but too short to not be a fringe and I'm SO glad my mum sent me this little hair band she made me in a little care package to uni because it makes life so much easier. I get 'hair headaches' if my hair is up too often or for too long and this way it's as much off my face as it can be whilst my head stays comfortable. I also just adore the vintage Ribbon it's made from , the colours are my current favourites to wear and I think just go with absolutely everything.

Coat, bag & shorts- Topshop, Top- Urban outfitters, Shoes- DMs, Hairband- my mom

This weekend was so sunny and lovely in Nottingham although the sun was definitely deceiving as it was still too cold to go out without a coat on. My boyfriend stayed with me for the weekend and I think being from the north we both got some probably much needed Vitamin D. We also had a trip to tesco where we bought Bourbon biscuit spread (AHMAZING!) which is vegan (although I feel like I ate a rain forest because it contained palm oil) and I tried SunnyD for the first time in my life which wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped it'd be. We were never allowed it when we were little because of all the enumbers and nasties and since its no longer full of them I tried it and it was just ok. I'm not sure what I had been expecting all these years but it seemed much more magical before I'd tried it.

At the moment I'm obsessed with colour and the 60s and 70s and my vinyl and Bardot hair again and it's all very fun, I'm also still enjoying being a ginger but I feel like I probably should venture out into a new hair colour soon, possibly one easier to match my eyebrows to!




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