Monday 5 January 2015

Morning, Coffee

Hot drinks are what winter is for and since starting uni I've been drinking 100s of cups of tea, sometimes finishing 1 and pouring another straight away but whilst in London for New Years coffee was my drink, more specifically cappuccino's and I don't really know why but warm drinks are the best drinks and this is worth blogging.

I also bought the cosiest coat you ever did see from Oxford Circus Topshop (above) which I'd been eyeing up since they first started selling it in this colour. Since this was the very last one in the shop and was no longer on-line and on sale I had to get it and it is not a purchase I regret. I bought it a size too big as it was the only one left but it is 100%  as cosy as it looks and too big is always a good thing with coats I think!

IW x



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