Saturday 27 December 2014

Winter Walks

Boxing day is a day for cold walks through fields and forests and since I didn't do that I thought I should share a few pictures from when I stayed at my friends house in Yorkshire and we walked her dogs and the sunset was just so pretty and the air so crisp and it was so quiet and lovely.

I had a really lovely weekend for Molly's birthday and I hope she did too and I'm glad that there's a little bit more of the country that I've explored and it was just so great to spend time with my friends listening to music and being lazy and wandering about. I hope everyone's having a brilliant break from Work or Uni or School, I'm certainly trying to make the most of mine! 



  1. Amazing photos, it must have been so wonderful to wander round there!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

  2. These photos are so lovely! I enjoyed lots of lovely winter walks in Yorkshire this week, my favourite thing to do.

    Rosie x

  3. what amazing scenery. you're photography is so good too!

    M + K


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