Sunday 25 May 2014

Buttoned up

Skirt - French Connection
Shoes - Primark
Shirt - Vintage
Cardigan - Vintage (courtesy of my mother)

I really like the colours of this outfit and I'm not sure why I hadn't worn these pieces together before but I think it's quite cute and the cardigan I borrowed from my mum just completed it, although it was definitely warm enough to not be wearing a cardigan at all.

I think I've enjoyed the weather recently, mostly because I don't have to wear a coat or jacket at all but when the weather has been a bit rubbish and rainy I have found myself still not wearing jackets or appropriate footwear so I think I've been left a little confused.

I've also been over thinking what to wear for exams..I don't really know how that came about but apparently I've been deciding which items of clothing are lucky and which are not which I know is completely ridiculous but I seem to be doing that anyway. I've had 4 exams already which I think all went ok and I have 5 more to go so I'm spending most of my time revising which isn't too bad as long as it pays off.



  1. Lookin' gorge India + good luck with your exams! (I've been doing the lucky thing with my nail polish choices...) x

  2. I love your shirt - the print is really cute! And best of luck for your exams lovely xx

  3. I love your shirt and the length of your skirt really complements you :) I think this will be a lucky outfit, since it's green haha. Best of luck for your exams xx

  4. You look so good in this, have exams aswell, good luck!
    Have just followed and it would mean a lot if you could do the same, thankyou x

  5. Such a pretty outfit :D very cute!

  6. this outfit is so cute, I love the cardigan! xx

  7. this outfit is lovely, the top is so cute! I just followed and would be amazing if you could check out my blog and follow!
    thanks, Ellie x


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