Tuesday 27 August 2013

back to school // chill out time...

Since a lot of people go back to school next week or already have i wanted to do this post because i know that with it being my last year at college and me going to university next year (hopefully!) that i don't want to fall back into my old ways of being really lazy with how i spend my free time. Obviously i need to spend a lot of time doing college work and revision and hopefully i can get a job but that still leaves me with a little 'chill out time' that i don't want to waste.

The way i've lived all of my school life (so from the age of 4 to 17!) is that when i get home from school, i have a snack, watch tv or go on my computer for the whole evening and i feel like this isn't very productive or rather it definitely isn't very productive. 

The first thing i want to do differently is read more. I absolutely love reading, it's something i could happily do forever and i don't think i could ever get bored of it but i don't read enough. I also think reading is the most chilled out i can be. I have a mental list of books i want to read and i want to read as many as i can with my spare time as possible. 

Another thing i want to is ride my bike more, I'm someone who enjoys exercise but i just don't spend much time doing it and i think riding my bike might just be good to clear my head but maybe also spend some time with my friends which is always good!

Something else i might do but i'm not sure about at the moment is drawing, i can draw and i am good at it but i think i'm a bit of a perfectionist as well as a bit impatient so i'm not sure how it will go but if drawing something properly doesn't work doodling is just as good!

The last thing i want to do more of in my chill out time is blog, I think a great way of relaxing is reflecting on your day so why not blog about it and reflect on it with others and if you don't really want to tell the world about your day keeping a diary would be just as good!

Basically i just don't want to feel like i'm spending my time doing nothing, i want to do as much as i possibly
can with my time from now on and i feel like starting with the time i spend essentially doing nothing to relax and thinking of more productive and thought provoking things to do will improve me as a person; My theory is boring people spend their time doing boring things and i don't want to be a boring person.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to be chilled out whilst actually doing something that would be brilliant or if you think you'd like to see more posts like this of ways to do more with your time i'm considering making it into a little series because i feel like social media has taken over our lives a little bit and in reality you can't put how many twitter followers you have on your CV and there are a million different impressive things you could be doing with your time. I might also do a little post on self confidence and putting yourself out there etc if you'd like that?

I feel like this was a very chatty, colloquial post so congratulations if you made it to the end!

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  1. I loved this post :)

    I would suggest having a scheudle... like maybe make it a goal to ride your bike 3 times a week and read every day before bed for an hour. I like having routines in my day since they are kind of comforting :)

    Also I think blogging is a great way to be productive! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute
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    1. Thanks AJ, thats a really good idea, i feel like having a schedule could actually be the solution to my problems! x

  2. Such a cute little post! Love the photos and feel like I've got to know you a lot more over these types of posts.

    Imogen <3

    1. Thank you Imogen! I really like doing posts like this so it's nice to know other people enjoy them! xx

  3. These are the thoughts that our constantly running through my mind! I want to just do more but I don't, and I guess it's not a bad thing to do nothing sometimes but for me it's a lot more than that. The schedule idea that AJ suggested is great and something I might even start, and maybe cycling too. That post idea sounds wonderful!


    1. I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way! I think my problem is that i know how much more i could do and how good i could be at things i just don't try hard enough and avoid it by doing nothing and it's not a good habit! Thanks Amy :) xx

  4. This post is literally what I want to do as well! x


  5. I love this post! I must definitley do some of these!
    Alice xx


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