Thursday 14 February 2013

instagram update :)

1. my mum made me a packed lunch for babysitting
2. reading and babysitting
3. my dance teacher was on the tele (call the midwife) "Loves young dream"
4. costa before my friends charity gig
5. webcam inception
6. waiting for molly and reading vogue
7. me and molly
8. pancake day
9. leah likes to send me pictures of Jay from the wanted
10. lot's of vitamins and paracetamol because i'm ill
11. mr. men shower
12. my baby brother has a moustache (hehe)
13. pale painted nails
14. being nostalgic over high school days
15. nostalgia over school snow days

Happy Valentines day!

The past couple of weeks i have been intending to do more interesting posts and i promise there'll be some of those very soon but although it is currently my half term i have been either busy or ill and therefore not been able to do anything particularly interesting with my blog! I am currently in  the process of updating my blog for spring and that should hopefully be done soon, so i apologise for how messy it currently looks!

I hope you've had a lovely valentines day,


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