Tuesday 13 November 2012


I thought that i should let you know that i am constantly on instagram. These photos are from the past week and my instagram is probably a little more personal than my blog so i thought i'd share it with you... 

1. crumpets after college (with Vegemite obviously!)
2. Me and my friend Tasha at a party at the weekend
3. Starbucks! Soy hot chocolate mmmmm!
4. Dream Letters i have in my room
5. Went for lunch with my mum and didn't know Grapetiser existed but it was lovely!
6. New Shoes! My creepers snapped in half :S but my mum gave me these as an early christmas present :)
7. Me and Tasha Again...
8. Me and Abi
9... Again.. we took lot's of photos together..
10. pretending i have a beard
11. Signed The Wanted single - I Found You
12. Me and Harriet on the train :)
13. Starbucks on the train...
14. Wristbands to meet the wanted
15. I found this funny
16. i liked my hair that day
17. The most beautiful shoes i have ever seen!
18. Brushing my teeth...

So that's it! It happens to be a very random bunch of photos but it is only the last week in photos... I don't go to parties every week or get a starbucks that frequently but I guess this week i have!

If you want to follow my instagram, i am @IndiaCharlotte_ :)


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